Barack Obama Has Unleashed New Attacks on Free Speech

Free speech has been under attack in America for quite some time now. As Democrats move to crush the First Amendment, they do so under false pretenses of trying to stop “misinformation” or “disinformation.”

However, combating misinformation and disinformation never requires censorship. In actuality, open dialogue and debate are the best weapons against falsehoods.

Yet, the Democrats’ agenda isn’t about fighting lies; it’s about controlling the flow of information so that only their viewpoints are heard.

This explains why the left goes insane when anyone says or does something that doesn’t fit the Democratic narrative or agenda.

The agenda to control the information people have access to also explains some of the latest remarks by former President Obama, according to PJ Media.

Obama on the First Amendment

During a speech at Stanford University a few days ago, Obama declared that free speech rights within the First Amendment don’t apply to social media sites.

The former president declared that platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc., can ramp up censorship levels without violating the First Amendment, due to the fact these bodies aren’t controlled by Congress.

However, Obama’s advocacy here implies that there’s nothing wrong with large entities buying up all media sources and then shutting down anything that doesn’t fit their narrative. Of course, many people would take issues with how this conflicts with the First Amendment.

Later, in additional remarks, Obama even went as far as claiming that “content moderation” rules aren’t adequate in preventing “dangerous” ideas from spreading. If content moderation isn’t enough for Democrats, then it begs to question what the left’s ideal solution would be.

Secondly, Obama didn’t mention who gets to determine which ideas are “dangerous” and which are not.

Of course, if the former president had things his way, the Democrat Party would decide what is and isn’t dangerous. It goes without saying that any viewpoints or arguing veering away from the political left would be deemed as dangerous and therefore shut down.

Taking the Mask Off

Obama, along with the Democrat Party, is slowly taking off the mask from what’s always been the Democratic agenda.

Democrats say they’re for “democracy,” but what they really want is a left-wing autocracy where radicals run the show. Likewise, Democrats say they want to stop “misinformation,” but they really want to shut down anything and anyone who disagrees with them.

The war on the First Amendment has to be taken seriously. If Americans lose the right to free speech, we will lose our country altogether.