Baltimore Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby: The Indictment Against Her Is ‘Politically And Racially Motivated’

Lawyers for Baltimore’s top prosecutor filed a request to dismiss an indictment against her. Prosecutors claim she collected COVID relief monies inappropriately and lied on mortgage applications to acquire two vacation houses. According to Marilyn Mosby’s lawyers, Prosecutors were racially and politically motivated in their efforts to derail the career of a “young, progressive, Black, female elected official.”

Marilyn Mosby, has filed a request to dismiss an indictment against her. Her attorneys accuse the authorities of “malicious personal, political, and even racial animus.” The motion explicitly names Assistant US Attorney Leo Wise and the prosecutor who signed Mosby’s indictment. It claims that the “animosity” directed towards Mosby is part of a pattern of behavior directed at other Black authorities.

Moreover, Mosby’s indictment is the conclusion of a long-running campaign to destroy the career of a young, progressive, Black female elected official, they said in a motion filed against her. According to the petition, the indictment was timed to influence her reelection prospects in June 2022. “Mosby has consistently made financial donations to her political opponents’ campaigns and headed a prosecution team that engaged in a knowingly hazardous activity,” they stated.

Marilyn Mosby, 42, of Baltimore, is charged with two counts of perjury. She allegedly sought coronavirus-related withdrawals from the City of Baltimore’s deferred compensation programs in the sums of $40,000 and $50,000. Also accused of lying on loan applications for a $490,500 mortgage to buy a property in Kissimmee, Florida, and a condo on Longboat Key, Florida. She reportedly omitted to disclose that she and her husband, Democratic President of the Baltimore City Council Nick Mosby, owed $45,022 in delinquent federal taxes.

Furthermore, Marilyn Mosby has been charged with leaking information concerning a federal investigation into the Baltimore Police Department’s Gun Trace Task Force. Wise is accused in the motion of donating to the campaigns of Mosby’s Democratic primary opponents.

Mosby’s defense team has long pursued Wise and contacted the Justice Department in an attempt to halt his tax inquiry. However, Friday’s move was the first time they publicly went after Barron. Experts told the Sun that it’s unlikely that the move to dismiss the indictment will be granted only based on the prosecution’s subjective beliefs.