Bad News For Biden: ‘The Chanting Movement Against Him Continues’

It’s been over two weeks now that the Chants against President Joe Biden have been spreading like wildfire in stadiums in this season’s games season. From Alabama to Tennessee, the crowds are roaring with “F Joe Biden” chants. Despite the unprecedented mandates, crippling economy, and the South Border situation topped with the Delta Variant claiming lives of the unvaccinated, the Afghanistan debacle has sparked anger in the citizens.

The college students known to be the most liberal are the ones sparked with anger, and the chants are now moving in the direction of resistance. Only, the resistors are not causing any chaos or being aggressive physically. Instead, they have gained the power of social media, charging up their unity for hatred against Biden and filling up the stadiums with the same chant every season.

It’s hard to imagine that Biden and his administration may have missed one of these videos from the games going viral. “F Joe Biden” is going viral on Twitter. And the chants are not limited to the games only. On his way to Pennsylvania, Shanksville Biden passed through a slogan called “F Joe Biden.” The visit was to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of 9/11. Still, he turned it all about his battered shamelessly using the 13 fallen soldiers of Kabul in a recent suicide attack to get back at people.

It’s evident that the diving polls regarding his job approval and hatred all over social media and among the youth are being noticed by Biden, and he’s not very happy about it, but he has brought it upon himself. Leaving everything aside, he lacks the humility and patience to deal with such a situation and lashes out at the public as he did in Shanksville, which is just too petty of a President.