As Kim Jong-Un Ramps Nuclear Capability, Americans Are Missing Trump

Kim Jong-Un, the president of North Korea, tested a new missile capability over the week. The Marxist country is the latest to join the nuclear community, developing the atom bomb some years ago, far before international experts believed they would be able to.

But now with Trump out of office, and Joe Biden making the U.S. appear pitifully weak with his mismanagement of the Afghanistan withdrawal, as well as dozens of his governors in open revolt of his Covid mandate, Kim Jong-Un feels encouraged to increase the capability of his isolated country’s nuclear arsenal.

North Korea is testing new delivery systems and showcasing them to neighboring South Korea, China, Japan, and the United States, but the “Hermit Kingdom,” as it’s called, is enriching more uranium with a nuclear site primed to develop 1,000 new centrifuges. That would give Korea access to more nuclear material to construct deadly atomic bombs, weapons of mass destruction with the power to level entire cities.

The U.S. public learned about the new development when satellite images were released of the Yongbyon nuclear research center, showing added production capability.

Over the week, Kim Jong-Un tested a new delivery system as well. The rocket is a long-range missile capable of flying far enough to deliver an atomic warhead to nearly anywhere in Japan, South Korea, and much of China.

Though North Korea is more friendly with communist China, its nuclear arsenal threatens U.S. allied South Korea and Japan, is prohibited from developing nuclear weapons and is under the protective umbrella of the U.S. nuclear deterrent.

North Korea’s long-range new cruise missile test also featured a launch from a railway car, showcasing the country’s ability to move its arsenal around instead of using fixed launch sites that can be destroyed or deterred using some countermeasures.

As Kim Jong-Un and his military rattle the saber again at the United States and South Korea, Americans miss Donald Trump. They have buyers remorse over the new president, who mismanaged the Afghanistan withdrawal so badly even his allies in the corporate mainstream news media and Democratic Party had some tough questions and criticisms for the new Biden administration. And his poll numbers continue sliding to new lows.

That and Joe Biden’s outrageous, unconstitutional vaccine mandates have left a bad taste in many Americans’ mouths. And the latest escalating tensions on the Korean peninsula are another reminder of the leadership America is missing out on in the White House. Donald Trump was the first American president to set foot on North Korean soil. He helped broker a historic understanding and a formal peace agreement signed by North and South Korea’s presidents.

During a tense time, when North Korea was increasing its nuclear capability just like today, many Washington foreign policy “experts” were counseling a tough stand on North Korea, even sanctions or precursors to war. But Donald Trump chose diplomacy instead.

He joked with Kim Jong-Un on Twitter about whose nuclear button on their desk was more prominent. Trump took the energy levels down from an international nuclear confrontation to a Twitter flame war. That’s the kind of magic that guy had to get people to come together, despite the constant stream of propaganda from leftist journalists claiming that he was divisive.