As Illegals Flood Into Our Country, Kamala Discusses Fully Opening The Border With Mexican President

When your government makes national security decisions that affect every citizen, it would be nice to hear it from them, not the president of another country’s president. Kamala Harris has destroyed the border and makes no attempts to change it. Harris seems content with allowing as many illegal immigrants into the United States as possible.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador put on Twitter that he and Kamala Harris were talking about opening the border and dealing with immigration and economic cooperation.

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said, “We spoke with Kamala Harris, United States Vice President. On good terms, we dealt with the immigration issue, the complete opening of the northern border to reactivate our economies and continue with cooperation to face the #COVID19 pandemic.”

This was translated and the exact tweet reads “Volvimos a conversar con Kamala Harris, vicepresidenta de Estados Unidos. En buenos términos, tratamos el asunto migratorio, la completa apertura de la frontera norte para reactivar nuestras economías y continuar con la mutua cooperación para enfrentar la pandemia de #COVID19.”

So, what does Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador mean by “dealt with the immigration issue?” He certainly doesn’t say that they fixed the immigration issue by not allowing illegal immigrants to cross the border because that hasn’t happened. Illegal immigration is at an all high and showing no signs of abating, especially with the new infrastructure plan allocating $107 billion to border security and illicit immigrant naturalization. If all $107 billion went to existing border infrastructure to update technology and physical barriers, we could strengthen the border and worry less about pushing illegal immigrants’ legal status in our country. Immigration is an essential and positive addition to the United States, but only when conducted legally and efficiently. We can’t wildly throw legal status at immigrants in a rush because we have to make sure they should be here. Truck drivers get prison sentences for bringing illegal immigrants into the United States in their trailers, but the federal government gets to do it every day with no accountability.

Nobody knows what the complete border opening means, but if Harris had been open with the American people, we may know more and could dissect the conversation.

Traitors don’t always have to do their deeds in secret and are rarely fully open about their plans. To open up the border would violate the Constitution and the Biden administration’s oath to office. When impeachment hearings begin, the American people will be behind the movement. It’s important to understand these aren’t partisan issues. They’re issues that will affect all political parties and all citizens across the nation. Economic development has to occur, and with Biden and Harris in office, that won’t ever happen.

America is at a tipping point of freedom or tyranny. If our leaders think that the American people want to be oppressed, they’re wrong.