Army Secretary Lays Out Woke Agenda

In an ominous sign for the nation’s security and readiness, Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth recently spelled out priorities for her branch of the armed forces. And the focus is directly on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Speaking at the Association of the Army’s annual conference, Wormuth declared that her charges are not “woke,” just opening their arms for a better military.

Gone are the days of enlisting into the military and working to form a cohesive unit. Now the protocol is to get recognized for what you are and receive whatever you can from the country.

In Wormuth’s words, soldiers are “coming from marginalized communities…demographics that are not widely represented in the Army.” This is why, she asserted, the leadership has to emphasize “positive command climates and inclusion.”

The secretary took exception to those who label the branch as “woke.” She acknowledged that the military gets criticized for it but said vaguely that the term means various things to different people.

She further disputed that the label does not mean that the armed forces are not ready or ignoring “war-fighting.” Wormuth acknowledged that the Army has a “wide range of soldiers” and it is essential to make them feel included.

And that, she said, is “why a lot of our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs are important.”

Meanwhile, the Army faces stiff challenges to meet recruiting and retention goals. It failed to meet its goals this year while the Navy, Air Force, and Marines all had to dig into their delayed entry programs to get by, meaning they are already behind for next year’s targets.

Service members, speaking anonymously to Fox News, recently lashed out at the “wokeness” of the military branch.

One noted that the act of questioning methods used to ensure so-called “equity and diversity” is swiftly, harshly, and publicly punished. Expressing concerns on the issue means putting careers and pensions at risk.

Another concurred “100%” that the military has a woke problem. People who do not adhere to standards are not called out for fear of being labeled “a racist or a sexist.” Even former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently declared that “a woke military is a weak military.”