Army Advises Struggling Soldiers To Get Food Stamps

Biden’s economic disaster reaches everyone, including those brave men and women who defend the U.S. Now the Army is providing guidance to servicemen and women who are struggling with soaring prices — sign up for food stamps.

Signing up for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), generally known as food stamps, is part of the advice coming from Sergeant Major Michael Grinston.

He said with everything from gas to groceries to rent soaring, some soldiers and their families are having a tougher time getting by on budgets that previously worked. Base pay for full-time soldiers ranges from roughly $22,000 to $46,000 per year.

His guidance said that SNAP is a program that service members may qualify for and gave internet and phone instructions for applying.

Another avenue the guidance pointed towards was the federal government’s Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program for those who qualify. Joining the military while having a student loan can mean the government will pay it off in ten years.

There is also the Army Emergency Relief nonprofit, which guides service members and their families to grants and interest-free loans.

Grinston also directed service members and their families to the military’s own organization for helping those within the ranks in need. He advised that “soldiers of all ranks can seek guidance, assistance, and advice through the Army’s Financial Readiness Program.”

Needless to say, the storm of criticism over the advice is fierce. Many pointed towards the fallacy of a government that prints so much money for reckless spending and causes runaway inflation not paying its soldiers enough to keep food on the table.

Still others noted the wave of student loan forgiveness that wiped out hundreds of billions in debt coming at the same time service members and their families struggled for day-to-day existence.

It is unthinkable that the men and women of the U.S. armed forces may be forced to apply for food stamps to care for their families. Of the billions the Biden government has thrown around both at home and around the world, surely there is enough to take care of those who defend the nation.