Arkansas Stands Against Child Abuse

For quite some time now, there has been a push from the left to normalize child transgenderism.

The “gender-affirming care” that Democrats often claim minors should have access to involves sterilization via medicine and bodily surgeries that involve removing genitalia or other body parts.

Naturally, Americans from all sorts of backgrounds have expressed outrage against this. Children are not allowed to get tattoos, but many on the left argue that it is bigotry for children to be denied “gender-affirming care” if they “feel” like the opposite gender.

Thankfully, Arkansas is taking a stand against this lunacy and refusing to legalize child abuse.

Brave Moves By Leading Arkansas State Official
Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge made it clear that her state will not stand for children being mutilated in the name of wokeness.

During an interview with Fox News, Rutledge explained the Save Adolescents From Experimentation Act (SAFE), the state law banning gender transition surgeries, is about protecting children.

The fact of the matter is that children are not old enough to understand the gravity of making a decision like this. Biologically, children’s brains have not developed for them to consent to medical or surgical mutilation of this nature.

Rutledge likewise informed Fox News that Arkansas encourages children to receive mental healthcare and support. Though this is very different from undergoing surgeries that are irreversible.

The Arkansas attorney general’s interview comes as the far-left ACLU is challenging the SAFE Act in court.

Growing Normalization of Child Abuse?
Unfortunately, the leftist push for “gender-affirming care” is only part of what looks to be the normalization of child abuse.

In real time, there are schools and children’s libraries across the nation that are distributing graphically sexual content to minors. The adults in favor of this claim it is all about inclusivity, but in reality, it is about grooming.

As many Americans have stated, no healthy adult feels the need to discuss sexual matters with young children.

Moreover, the same people who have zero issues with minors being exposed to graphic content in schools are also alright with drag queens in children’s libraries and the medical mutilation of children.

Every state in the nation should follow Arkansas’ lead. For the same reason that children cannot get tattoos, they cannot be subjected to woke transgenderism.