Arkansas Bill Would Ban Minors From Drag Shows

Drag queens who hold story times with kids might soon have to find a place away from Arkansas as the state’s lawmakers introduced a bill that seeks to define drag shows as an “adult-oriented business” under the state legal code.

The State Senate Bill 43, introduced on Monday by Sen. Gary Stubblefield and Rep. Mary Bentley, aims to limit the accessibility of drag performances by placing restrictions on where such performances can take place in Arkansas. If passed into law, rules meant to keep minors away from such morally-decadent places will be amended to cover drag shows like the Drag Story Hour, in which drag performers read books to kids in libraries, bookstores, and even schools.

The proposed legislation wants to add drag shows and performances to a list of adult-oriented businesses in the Arkansas code, joining businesses like adult bookstores or video stores, escort agencies, adult live entertainment establishments, adult motion picture theaters, adult cabarets, adult arcades, new model studios, and massage establishments that offer adult services.

If passed, the state code would be amended to prohibit such performances in public spaces or where minors can view them.

The bill has a high chance of success as both the state’s Senate and House of Representatives are Republican-dominated.

This move by Arkansas GOP lawmakers puts some Arkansas parents and adults at ease as there have been worries over the inappropriateness and morality of the content in drag performances. Drag Queen Story Hour, for instance, has developed from subtly hinting at the ideology of queer theory to children to increasingly perverse content.

According to Fox News, a drag queen dressed in heels and a pink miniskirt spread his legs open in front of children in Minneapolis. Even more disturbing was the event in Portland where toddlers were reportedly seen climbing atop a large male cross-dresser, grabbing at his fake breasts and pressing themselves against his body.

Worrisome videos of drag performers dancing provocatively without care for the presence of children in the audience do not help the reputation of the radical shows as they are condemned for grooming underaged kids.