Arizona is Building Its Own Border Wall

While illegal immigration harms the entire nation, border states continue to bear the brunt of these unlawful crossings, due to their close proximity to the southern border.

Arizona and Texas, for instance, have been some of the most outspoken voices against illegal immigration. As calls for reforms on the southern border fall on deaf ears, these states are taking action on their own accord.

Texas has begun having migrants delivered to left-wing sanctuary cities that previously said they welcome people of all immigration statuses. Meanwhile, Arizona is now building a border wall as the federal government does nothing to get control of illegal immigration.

What to Know About Arizona’s Border Wall
On Friday, aides of Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) confirmed the state is working on building a wall that covers the Yuma section of the southern border. The choice to construct a border wall happened days ago as Arizona remains overwhelmed with the volume of migrants coming from Mexico.

Because of the White House’s willful negligence when it comes to illegal immigration, Arizona declined to forewarn the administration of its decision.

Instead, Arizona DHS director Tim Roemer said the state is finished waiting for the Biden administration to get a clue and act in the nation’s best interests. This comes after more than one year of the White House sitting on its hands as rates of illegal immigration skyrocketed.

Currently, Arizona’s aiming for a wall that is at least 30 feet tall. To make this happen, state officials are putting together cargo ship holders and other materials to have a wall built as soon as possible.

Getting a wall constructed is going to cost millions, but Arizona isn’t letting anything stop them from getting the job done.

Similar Actions From Texas
As another border state, Texas is in the same boat as Arizona. As the latter works to get its own border wall built, Texas is also having to take on various duties that would be typically reserved for the federal government.

These duties include building physical barriers, declining migrants’ entry, and even making arrests when the situation demands it. Texas Gov. Abbott (R), like his counterpart in Arizona, has been clear that the Lone Star State will never allow unfettered illegal immigration.