AOC Shares Post Encouraging People ‘Defend Drag Story Hour In NYC!’

Keep your children close! Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) reposted a flyer on social media urging people to support a planned drag story hour event.

A screenshot of Ocasio-Cortez’s post was shared on Twitter by journalist Andy Ngo. Slides on the post, originally put up by the Rolling Library account, included messages to “defend Drag Story Hour in NYC” and “help protect queer spaces and expression under threat from the far right.” People planning on attending the event were encouraged to “Bring rainbow swag, non-amplified noisemakers, musical instruments, joy, and love,” and told they must wear a mask.

“A group of violent, loud bigots, who have repeatedly harassed and invaded these events in the city, is openly planning to disrupt the next Drag Story Hour, on Thursday, December 29, at the Jackson Heights Library in Queens,” alleges a slide on the post.

It additionally promised that “Queer community members and allies will be there to show the fascists they are not welcome, but that kids and drag queens are.”

“Let’s show NYC’s unwavering support for Drag Story Hour and for queer and trans people, and make a safe, encouraging, and joyful welcome for kids and their grownups as they enter the library,” the post read.

Ocasio-Cortez has been a vocal supporter of the LGBT for quite some time now. Around two years ago, the New York congresswoman infamously sang praise for a group of drag queens, telling them they are “patriots.”

Blaze Media pointed out that the aforementioned advertisement also appeared in a Twitter post from an account called United Against Racism and Fascism NYC.

Numerous mainstream leftists have endorsed the concept of men posing as women while reading and in some cases performing for children.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) put out a statement earlier this year in which he said that drag storytellers, as well as the libraries and schools who prop them up, are “advancing a love of diversity, personal expression, and literacy that is core to what our city embraces.”

Another elected New York politician, Democrat Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney, openly bragged about taking part in a “Drag Queen Story Hour,” referring to the opportunity as an “honor.”