‘Another One Bites The Dust’: NY Health Commissioner Zucker Resigns Over Nursing Home Scandal

Governor Kathy Hochul said on Thursday that state Health Commissioner Howard Zucker would retire immediately upon the appointment of a replacement. Zucker was a crucial figure in the defunct Cuomo administration, where opponents allege he helped conceal the pandemic’s death toll across the state and in nursing homes. Hochul explained following Zucker’s departure that Zucker is aware that he intended to utilize the first 45 days to build a new team and appreciative of the fact that the process is ongoing.

Moreover, aside from being a former Governor Andrew Cuomo’s corrupt government, Dr. Zucker inspires the TV series Doogie Howser, MD. Stephen Bochco’s representative, according to Zackary Fink, disputes this. This group has a habit of lying and misleading early on. Then Gov. Cuomo ordered Zucker to move COVID-positive patients from hospitals to nursing homes. Therefore, Zucker banned nursing home workers from testing returning patients for coronavirus. In total, 15,000 elderly citizens died, including the in-laws of Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean. Denouncing this heinous policy and its repercussions, Dean has held Cuomo and his administration responsible for the murders of innocent seniors.

Zucker and Cuomo defended the nursing home instructions by claiming that the facilities were required to provide care for their workers and other patients and acquire protective equipment. Unfortunately, because of PPE shortages, it took weeks for state officials to begin distributing supplies, even while the death toll continued to rise. Two hospital ships remained empty during the initial wave of the pandemic, but municipal nursing institutions were not permitted to transport sick prisoners there. Since Cuomo murdered grandma and grandpa, the investigation required a scapegoat, which Dr. Zucker provided.

Additionally, Zucker’s Health Department concealed the coronavirus death toll from nursing homes for months, refusing to release the identities of those who died in nursing homes. It comes after state Attorney General Letitia James stated that the Health Department’s count likely understated COVID-related deaths in nursing homes by 50%. However, Zucker’s insufficient data obscured the 1,900 COVID-related deaths in NYC nursing homes. Therefore, the terrible doctor’s medical license should be revoked, and he should be permanently prohibited from practicing medicine as well as prosecuted and tried for a crime.