An Interesting Take On Travel Bans By Kamala Harris

Just last Friday, it was reported that President Joe Biden had imposed yet another travel ban proving himself as the biggest hypocrite. This one said it was just another addition to the several others he has set since taking over the office. However, this one is about the newest variant of the coronavirus called Omicron, recently detected overseas.

Jacqui Heinrich released the list of the countries on the travel ban, and surprisingly, all the countries are located in the continent of Africa. Of course, if it were Trump instead of Biden, Biden himself would have been the first to take out the race card just as he did when Trump imposed a travel ban on China at the beginning of the pandemic. Vice President Kamala Harris is also in on the travel bans and told the reporters that the travel bans are necessary. When asked if more travel bans would follow this one, she responded inconclusively that the administration would take every measure possible to contain the virus.

But, recalling what Harris had to say about Trump’s travel bans back in February 2020, at that time, travel bans to her were “Un-Americana and driven by hate.”

The hypocrisy in Biden and Kamala is not a surprise anymore, considering the number of times they have shifted their opinion to a complete 180 just as a situation benefits them. Considering how deliberately they undermined the vaccine just last year when Trump was in office and played dangerous political games to defeat Trump. They questioned the authenticity of the vaccine developed under Trump and called him racist for doing all they are doing now. The travel bans are the most prominent example.

Republicans have an opportunity at hand to show the voter the two-faced nature of Biden and Kamala, who continue to play with people’s lives with political agendas.