Americans Go Viral On TikTok Promoting Ideas Of Osama Bin Laden

Numerous videos from young Americans have gone viral on TikTok promoting and celebrating the ideas pushed by Osama bin Laden in his 2002 “Letter to America,” where he tried to justify the mass murder of Americans on September 11, 2001.

The videos expressing support and sympathy for bin Laden went viral on the Chinese social media app this week, mostly among the generation of Americans who were born after the September 11 terror attacks or those who were not old enough to remember the attacks.

In the videos, the TikTok users use bin Laden’s letter to justify their own animosity toward Israel and the United States in the aftermath of the October 7 attack on Israel by Hamas terrorists. These videos have already garnered at least 14 million views, and are likely being promoted by the Chinese social media app’s algorithm.

“I’m not about to sit here act like [bin Laden]’s just the worst person in the world when America has literally been terrorizing people since the beginning of history,” a young TikTok user said in one of the videos.

“America is literally built on terrorizing people,” the TikTok user continued. “When what’s his name, fucking, whatever the guy’s name is that discovered America and found the land, he lied.”

“Put yourself in their shoes, 3,000 people died on 9/11, compared to the millions that Americans have killed in Palestine,” the TikTok user added.

Others expressed support for bin Laden’s declaration and called on other Americans to read his “Letter to America.”

In a video with more than 1.6 million views that has since been removed from TikTok, a New York-based social media influencer stated: “If you have read it, let me know if you are also going through an existential crisis in this very moment, because in the last 20 minutes, my entire viewpoint on the entire life I have believed, and I have lived, has changed,” according to CNN.

Another video with more than 100,000 views included the claim: “If we’re going to call Osama bin Laden a terrorist, so is the American government.”

The far-left news outlet The Guardian has since removed bin Laden’s letter from its website following the viral TikTok trend.

Many older Americans took to social media to slam the sudden interest in bin Laden’s letter, condemning the TikTok users for justifying terrorism. Some, such as podcast host Megyn Kelly, went so far as to condemn these young Americans’ parents for raising them in a way that allowed them to fall for this rhetoric.

“To the parents of all of these losers suddenly persuaded by the deranged musings of the man who murdered 3k American innocents: you failed. You were likely boozing, marching for some L-wing cause and/or simply ignoring your kids. You failed to teach wrong from right, a proper moral code, a love of country and perspective on America’s role in the world,” she wrote.

Kelly went on to argue that because these parents “failed, my kids and others are going to have to grow up battling these assholes for the future of the United States. I have every confidence they can do it, but I resent and judge you for making it necessary as opposed to fostering a life in which they can focus solely on growth, joy, love, family, hard work and creation. No point getting bogged down in it however, trust me when I tell you that the majority of Americans – this generation and the next – will fight to defeat the pernicious lunacy you’ve unleashed. And we will win.”