Americans Don’t Want To Pay For Democrats’ Absurd Projects

Sen. Bernie Sanders is furious that his multi-billion-dollar folly, “Build Back Better legislation,” is blocked, saying that “poll after poll indicates overwhelming support for the $3.5 trillion and the need to cut prescription medication costs.” Sanders is a clueless socialist who has never heard of the notion of free speech.

“It’s difficult to ask people to have trust in their government when they don’t comprehend what their government is attempting to achieve,” Sanders writes. However, he throws away the game in the following paragraph of his manifesto, stating that most Americans “have minimal comprehension of what is in this plan.”

Moreover, Bernie Sanders argues in his new book that the pillars of American democracy are under attack from radicalism and ignorance, and a lack of understanding. On the latter issue, he may be accurate, but it also refutes his statements about how we arrived at this stage in the first place.

Sanders is promoting the illusion that a large-scale social welfare state is famous among Americans. In actuality, most Americans do not desire the things he and his ilk claim they do. When asked whether they would spend an extra $10 per month on their energy bills to “fight climate change,” the clear majority responded “no thanks.”

Furthermore, under a free market, popularity is defined by what individuals will pay for out of their own pockets; in command-and-control left-wing economies, it only concerns what others will pay. Politicians like Sanders and Biden sell fairy stories about everyone being happy while presenting opponents as selfish tyrants who prevent us from achieving nirvana.

According to sources, confiscating the money of the “top 1% of earners” would not be enough to fund the expenditures of the scheme alone. Should a small group of people be trusted to avert economic disasters? No, because if they fail, demagogic populist leaders might declare they are the only ones who can save people.