‘Americans Don’t Feel It’: Biden Confronted Over His Cratering Poll Numbers, But He Refuses To Accept Blame

Just last week, a USA Today/Suffolk University poll was conducted, which showed that President Joe Biden’s approval ratings have fallen to 38%, with disapproval ratings, on the other hand, having skyrocketed to 59%. Overall, the poll exhibited that about 67% of the independent voters disapproved of Biden’s job performance.

In a recent interview on Monday, when asked about the cratering polls, Biden was able to find blame in everything but his Administration. Biden’s approval ratings have been hemorrhaging since August after his Administration facilitated the Afghanistan withdrawal. After the disastrous withdrawal, Biden’s average disapproval rate is nearly 9% higher than his approval rating. In comparison, looking back at the poll ratings from January, the approval rating was 20 points greater than the disapproval rating. 

In the past nine months, the 30 points drop in the net approval ratings does not look good from any front, and yet Biden thinks it is not the Administration’s fault. Instead, the American people don’t seem to feel the changes the Administration has brought about. Anchor Kyle Inskeep of WKRC-TV insisted that Biden recalibrate his Administration’s priorities to make up for the lousy polling. Fortunately for Republicans, Biden was not willing to take any blame. Instead, he challenged the ratings and claimed that they were compared to the former presidents.

Moreover, he tried to dismiss the comment made by Kyle by saying that he does not care about such polls and then went on to defend his stance, talking about the psychological scar that the pandemic has left on the people. He even went on to say that people are so profoundly impacted by the pandemic that they are no longer feeling the progress that has been made. He was talking about the apparent 6 million jobs created by his Administration that were not created. Instead, people returned to the jobs they already had.