Americans Are More Reliant On Food Stamps Under Biden

Over the course of this year, Joe Biden has often talked and boasted about what he believes to be economic wins under his administration.

The White House recently celebrated the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, despite economists repeatedly confirming this law will not lower consumer costs. Meanwhile, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre falsely claimed Biden’s presidency created “ten thousand million” new jobs.

Unfortunately, jobs are declining on Biden’s watch amid rising furloughs. Although reliance on food stamps is certainly increasing as inflation skyrockets.

A New Low For the Nation’s Economy
According to new information from the Agriculture Department, food stamp handouts will increase to a monthly $939 for a four-person family, as opposed to the previous $835. This is a historic uptick in taxpayer-funded handouts. Such an increase in food stamp benefits hasn’t taken place since 1975.

The monthly food stamp handouts are rising due to living costs increasing amid Biden’s inflation crisis. Despite the president repeatedly downplaying the rise of inflation on his watch, Americans’ dollars are becoming worth less and less.

As food stamp handouts grow in price, grocery store costs aren’t too far behind. In recent months, reports came out of Americans trading in grocery store runs for dollar store trips amid efforts to save money.

Multiple food manufacturing giants confirmed there’s no telling when the costs of food will go down. This means food stamp benefits could very well increase again on Biden’s watch, thereby leaving taxpayers footing the bill.

No Plan of Action From the White House
Amid this new information from the Agriculture Department, the Biden administration has not released any plan to get ahead of this. Instead, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre alleges that Biden’s done the work to make the economy benefit Americans.

While the White House doesn’t have a strategy to reduce economic problems facing the nation, Republicans certainly do.

Stopping wasteful spending bills before they pass, along with rolling back dangerous initiatives already approved by the Biden administration, is just a starting point.

Lowering reliance on food stamps and lifting other economic burdens from American taxpayers’ shoulders will demand a change in leadership. This change has to happen at the congressional level next month and then at the presidential level in 2024.