“American Soldiers” – The 2021 Men Of The Year

Nearly 20 years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the United States, President Joe Biden ordered US soldiers to depart Afghanistan in 2021. The American troops stayed firm while Afghanistan’s delicate democracy crumbled due to President Biden’s botched withdrawal. The Taliban seized control of the nation within weeks, handing it over to jihadists. The closing moments of American independence in Afghanistan were tainted by a terrorist assault that murdered 13 American patriots.

Hundreds of Americans were left stranded due to poor preparation, but the US troops stuck it out with minimal protection to help those left behind make their way home. Hundreds of American civilians and scores of vulnerable Afghans were left trapped behind enemy lines. The Taliban were given carte blanche over who boarded American aircraft leaving the country.

This week, images of US service members rescuing Afghan babies and toddlers from a stampede at Kabul’s international airport grabbed headlines. They gave water to worried Afghans who were scorching in the desert sun and looked after the country’s most vulnerable citizens. Rescue missions were also carried out throughout Taliban-controlled Kabul to save Americans and Afghan friends.

Moreover, when an ISIS terrorist breached the Taliban’s protective cordon and detonated an explosive, thirteen American military personnel was murdered. As leaders in Washington attempted to wash their hands of the conflict, they lost their lives. They were between the ages of 20 and 31, ranging from 20 to 31.

The Boston Globe quotes Lt. Gen. John Coppola as saying, “She is a hero, and her legacy will never be forgotten. Not only did her service save hundreds of women and children’s lives, but she symbolizes what it means to be a Marine.”

Each year, the Men of the Year are chosen for their remarkable contribution to the United States. This year, the troops performed well, demonstrating why the American military is unequaled worldwide. Also, the troops were put in a difficult situation by the Biden Administration, but they behaved well.