America Isn’t Back: BBC Says Europe’s Relationship With Biden Has ‘Turned Sour’

America is struggling to maintain its image as the global leader after the Afghanistan Debacle, and it is all solely in the hands of President Joe Biden. The 78-year-old President of the United States has created doubts among the allies regarding its 46th term long-established Democracy.

It all started as Biden decided to withdraw the US forces from Afghanistan without considering its European allies that had their forces deployed in the region. According to the British Broadcast Corporation, Joe Biden’s relation with the European nation is turning sour and is losing the support of international media and world leaders post-Afghanistan withdrawal. The BBC reported that it was not the withdrawal itself that caused the sourness of the European nations towards Biden, but the lack of coordination with the allies. The added bitterness was due to the failed NATO mission in Afghanistan involving one-third of the troops from 36 countries at the drawdown.

A publicly-funded corporation like the BBC, known for its institutional left-liberal narrative and bias against Trump, openly reports remarks against Biden by world leaders. The first remark was by the President of Czech Miloš Zeman, who called the whole Afghanistan fiasco an episode of cowardice, lamenting that America has lost its reputation and prestige as a global leader. The EU envoy, UN Secretary-General Envoy, current WHO special Envoy and the former Prime Minister of Sweden Carl Bildt did not have a positive review for Biden and said that the complete lack of consultations over the withdrawal decision has left a scar and deflated the chances of possible reconciliations with the European nations.

Biden is gradually losing his well-wishers among European countries and is slowly being sidelined by its liberal centrist establishment, especially after alienating Poland and Hungary, the conservative-led NATO allies. Biden has branded them totalitarian regimes. They are now hitting back at Biden by asking why he pressured the Ukrainian government to fire its chief prosecutor over his son’s issue. The Relations with European nations are now in a sensitive position with little chances of restorations.