Afghan Terrorist Arrested On Biden’s Open Border

In what may only be described as a worst case scenario for President Joe Biden’s open border fiasco, an Afghan on the FBI’s terror watchlist was apprehended Wednesday by Border Patrol agents in the San Diego sector.

According to Bill Melugin of KTTV-TV in Los Angeles, the bureau confirmed the identity of the suspect and is heading the investigation.

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) had harsh words for the White House’s role in creating the border situation. “Biden’s open borders aren’t just a gateway for five million illegals, record human and child trafficking and the deadliest drug crisis in our history.”

The California Republican called the border mess “an open invitation to even the most wanted terrorists in the world to come to America.”

Former Trump senior advisor Stephen Miller dramatically noted that the numbers of those who slip through Border Patrol’s “cracks” have never been greater.

The terror suspect has not been publicly identified. He was caught trying to slip in with a group of migrants.

This is far from an isolated incident. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) revealed in March that 69 non-US citizens on the FBI terror watchlist were caught attempting to illegally enter the country since just October. The total for all of 2022 was 98.

For comparison, the final tally for all of 2021’s fiscal year was 15 at the nation’s southern border. The most recent in this surge of terrorists trying to infiltrate the U.S. came just a day before the expiration of the Trump-era Title 42 border policy.

This successful program allowed CBP agents to quickly send migrants from certain countries back across the border. Under the Biden presidency, however, it expired last week.

Now there are illegal immigrants flooding across the border in several locations. The numbers have not been as high as some feared, but they are still pouring across. Some situations are quite chaotic, a perfect cover for terrorists to enter the U.S. undetected.

The capture of this Afghan begs the question, how many others have gotten through Biden’s border undetected?

One reason that the surge has not been as high as feared is the full deployment of the Texas National Guard on the border. Dozens of large groups of migrants were blocked from coming across illegally through the Rio Grande.