Abbott Charges Biden, Mayorkas In ‘Dereliction Of Duty’ On Southern Border Crisis

On Sunday, Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott declared that President Joe Biden and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas were in dereliction of duty in allowing the massive migrant flow. At the same time, Abbott pledged on “Fox News Sunday” that Texas will arrest and jail individuals who enter the state of Texas illegally. He continued and stated that because the Biden administration has chosen not to enforce the United States’ laws, Texas is forced to stand up and do what is necessary as Del Rio was inundated by a population of Haitian migrants about the size of Del Rio. 

Moreover, as per Abbott, the unlawful crossing came to a halt when members of the National Guard and the Texas Department of Public Safety arrived at the border with “hundreds, if not thousands,” of vehicles as well as the Biden administration has the potential to accomplish precisely that. Furthermore, He stated that Texas would have to continue doing so and that no catch and release would be allowed. Abbott asserts that they acted as a “magnet,” attracting huge Haitians and other migrants to the United States.

Abbott has even said that Texas would rehire Border Patrol agents dismissed following photos of Haitian immigrants being beaten by mounted authorities. “They were just handling horses,” Abbott said of the border patrol’s horseback techniques, dubbed “whipping horses” by Democrats.

On the other hand, Abbott has worked with those Border Patrol agents. Therefore, he assured them that if they were in danger of losing their jobs due to a president neglecting his responsibility to secure the border, he would employ them to assist Texas in securing the border.