A ‘Violent Murder In Chicago’ Highlights What The Left Is Doing To America

Chicago has some of the strictest gun restrictions in the country, yet it’s still one of the most dangerous cities for gun crime. Two criminals killed a guy the old-fashioned manner on Saturday night: by beating him to death. It’s vital to remember that humans kill, not firearms, and this was just one of many violent crimes committed in Chicago on Saturday.

One of Chicago’s oldest neighborhoods, Gage Park, was founded in the 1870s as a park. Working-class families from Eastern Europe and Ireland used to live in the area. It has been a Democratic stronghold since at least 2012 and is now predominantly Hispanic. Jose Téllez was a married father of three who had spent more than 30 years in Gage Park.

Moreover, due to defunding the police, demonizing the police, choosing a prosecutor who refuses to prosecute, disarming law-abiding individuals, and employing racial condescension to give minorities a pass, Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago sees a collapse in law and order. Edward Téllez was murdered by two individuals who attacked him and beat him with rough weapons.

The founders of the United States recognized that self-government necessitates certain fundamental ideals and individual self-control, and they were pretty clear about it. The Constitution was written solely for moral and pious people. Any other government would find it woefully insufficient.

Furthermore, In America, leftists have worked hard to produce an immoral populace. They have systematically demolished America’s traditional vice controls: the Judeo-Christian faith and middle-class ideals. They’ve replaced it with racial hate, class jealousy, and total contempt for the criminal justice system. Leftists have utilized ideology and propaganda to compel Blacks to absorb the same circumstances that slave culture employed to keep them on the plantations.

Leftists have informed Blacks and other minorities that education is a White project to eradicate Black culture and heritage. White attacks against minority freedom and integrity include marriage and the nuclear family. In Democrat-controlled localities, BLM has utterly weakened the rule of law. That’s how you wind up with a culture where a father strangling his family with Christmas lights gets attacked by two men and beaten to death.

It is an issue that the government will not solve. Minority leaders must fight a racist, socialist culture that believes minorities are incapable of getting an education, establishing stable families, or displaying self-governance and self-control. Men like Téllez should be allowed to safely install Christmas lights until minority communities have cleansed themselves of these race-hustlers and recommitted to excellence.