A Recent Photo Of Barack Obama Proves The ‘Climate Change’ And ‘COVID-19 Lies’

The left is founded on a mound of lies, including the idea that “climate change” is putting humanity on the verge of extinction and that COVID limitations are the only thing keeping people alive. So, what do they make of an uncovered Former President Barack Obama wandering among construction workers, grumbling about his multimillion-dollar oceanfront Hawaiian mansion?

According to the Cult of Climate Change, the waters would rise, destroying every coastal village unless they eliminate all fossil fuels. Obama made it obvious when he purchased his Martha’s Vineyard home that he didn’t believe a word of this tale. Given the large sums of government money he directed to green energy ventures as part of the 2009 “stimulus” expenditure, it seemed odd.

For those of us living through the miseries of the green movement, the rising of the waters may not have halted, but Obama appears to have noticed it at sea. He is particular about purchasing oceanfront property on an island. Not sure, but it is believed islands will be impacted by “climate change” much more than a continent.

Moreover, they have the ideal illustration of how the affluent, famous, and political break the norms with the Obama photo. They don’t simply refuse to wear masks. They also want the small people around them to do so. The reason for this double standard is apparent: these self-styled “elite” are repulsed by people, not by the infection.

Furthermore, Obama is well aware that the oceans will not rise much in the coming decades or centuries, just as he is well aware that he is not at a major risk of dying from COVID. He also understands that if Americans stay afraid of the all-purpose “climate change” storyline, he and his party will maintain total control of the country.