A Princeton University Course Just Took a Hard Left Turn

Over the years, colleges and universities have been adopting increasingly left-wing views and cultures. Students with MAGA hats and laptop stickers supporting freedom often report being ostracized by their own peers.

In other cases, right-wing college students have found themselves discouraged from hanging up pro-life flyers and otherwise being candid about their politics. All of this arrives as critical race theory is also creeping into the education system as well.

Now, Princeton University is going viral for a lesson plan that takes a hard left turn.

Another Prestigious University Turns Woke
This fall, Princeton University is hosting a course that centers around politics, free speech, and other anthropology matters. However, these teachings of anthropology uplift the left while denigrating the right.

For one thing, the university’s web page describes freedom of speech as something that’s reserved for “far-right” individuals in America and Europe to support “hate speech.” From here, Princeton University infers that notions of free speech have been tainted by western colonialism and racism.

Students who take this course in the fall will be subjected to literature and other sources that are openly pro-leftist and anti-free speech.

Opposition against free speech has emerged amongst leftists who actively seek to shut down talking points from their political rivals. One common way this plays out is when conservatives are accused of spreading “misinformation” or “disinformation.”

However, this new turn by Princeton University doesn’t bode well for the future of higher education as a whole.

Digging Their Own Grave
Over the past several years, Americans have been rethinking higher education, namely colleges and universities.

With countless individuals being saddled with student loan debt and high interest rates, enrollment rates have fallen. Growing numbers of young people are instead opting to learn trades, start a business, or otherwise enter the workforce without a degree.

Another strike against higher education continues to be the ways in which non-left-wing individuals are shunned and treated as less than.

For many people, this doesn’t inspire them to take on massive student loan debt and join an environment where they’ll be walking on eggshells for at least four years.

Considering the consistent decline in college admission rates, many Americans have argued that establishments like Princeton University are working against their own best interests by pushing overtly partisan agendas.