A New Theory About COVID-19 Is Now Being Addressed

For quite some time, Americans were told the science on COVID-19 is settled and not to be questioned.

People who raised questions about COVID-19 coming from a lab or being genetically modified to increase its contagion levels were even written off as conspiracy theorists.

The same thing happened to folks who questioned the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines. Although the media had to come out later and admit these shots can’t prevent infection or transmission.

Now, recent developments have led to new conversations about the potential genetic modification of COVID-19.

A New Update For Americans to Be Aware Of
According to established voices in the scientific community, the likelihood that COVID-19 leaked from a lab – a notion that was once denounced as a conspiracy theory – is very high.

Furthermore, new reviews into COVID-19’s recognition sites indicate various viral genome traits that are subject to being broken down and put back together. In other words, the fingerprints of the virus known as COVID-19 strongly indicate the virus is synthetic.

A synthetic virus can therefore be manipulated and possibly even weaponized. Many Americans who questioned whether or not the Chinese communist regime intentionally unleashed COVID-19 on the world were also discredited in 2020 and 2021.

Of course, this new research and the theories surrounding it are coming under scrutiny. While some scientists believe the virus could very well be synthetic, others are writing this off as nothing more than “poppycock” and “technobabble.”

At the end of the day, time will reveal whether or not the virus really is synthetic, man-made, or otherwise the result of human tampering.

The Bottom Line
If there’s one thing that’s clear, it’s that there’s still a lot about COVID-19 that the general public – and even “the experts” – doesn’t know. Therefore, Americans who raise questions about the virus and various mitigation efforts employed against it shouldn’t be gaslit or told they’re just spreading lies.

Thus far, a lot of what “the experts” said about COVID-19 has not come to pass. Originally, face coverings were supposed to keep the virus at bay until the vaccines arrived. Then, the vaccines were supposed to bring about the end of COVID-19.

Healthcare officials repeatedly went on record and said getting vaccinated would defeat COVID-19. Meanwhile, to this day, there are folks double, triple, and even quadruple vaccinated who have still gotten COVID-19 and experienced symptoms.