A Medical Study Shows Induces Multiple Pregnancies And Abortions

The Federalist reported on July 8 that a new study published in the Medical Science Monitor demonstrates how the perverse profit motives that drive Planned Parenthood lead many women towards repeat pregnancies and abortions.

Women who abort their first pregnancy after being subjected to Planned Parenthood’s propaganda and pressure are considerably more likely to seek abortions for their second pregnancy and become pregnant again soon after their first abortion.

The study compiled data from more than two million Medicaid beneficiaries and had at least two pregnancies between 1999 and 2009. The study took this information from 17 states which fund abortions with taxpayer dollars.

In addressing second pregnancies less than two years after an aborted first pregnancy, the study found that the desire to become pregnant again “may arise following an abortion, especially when certain risk factors are present, such as feeling pressured by male partners or parents to undergo an unwanted abortion, or there is a high level of attachment to the pregnancy, ambivalence, or moral conflict surrounding the abortion decision.”

Of women who aborted their first pregnancy, 60% also sought to abort their second pregnancy. Many of these women reported pressure to abort from family, male partners, and Planned Parenthood.

Regarding the study, Charles a. Donovan, President of the Charlotte Lozier Institute, stated:

“The abortion industry wants women to believe that taking an innocent life is a strategy for happiness. This peer-reviewed study proves yet again that abortion is not a strategy. It’s a tragedy. Follow the data. Taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand often extends or exacerbates real challenges faced by brave women who are being exploited by a predatory abortion industry.”

Planned Parenthood has a direct financial stake in presenting abortion as a first option for women who are already under financial and emotional stress and often receive pressure from family, friends, and prospective fathers to abort their pregnancies.

In recent years, Planned Parenthood’s private contributions have fallen as revenue from taxpayers has increased. The number of abortions provided has grown along with profits recognized.

Planned Parenthood meanwhile persists with its aggressive public relations efforts aimed at misleading women about the pain, stress, and regret that often follow abortion procedures. Their recent advertising has gone so far as to claim that abortion is a “healing” choice for women under stress.