A Las Vegas Democrat Has Been Charged With Murder

In Las Vegas, Nevada, Democratic official Robert Telles has been the subject of many reports.

The Clark County public administrator was accused by his staffers of consistently subjecting them to a negative workplace environment. Other accusations against Telles involve a romantic affair with a subordinate.

The reporter who frequently covered these stories about Telles was none other than Jeff German. This past Sunday, German met an untimely end, as he was found murdered in an apparent stabbing.

Coincidentially, Telles has now been arrested and charged with German’s murder.

What to Know About This Arrest
The timing of German’s reports about the Clark County public administrator are believed to have played a role in the latter failing to win reelection during the Nevada primary race.

Prior to Telles being taken into custody by police, he was questioned by law enforcement. After this questioning, Teller was also found returning to his home while wearing white hazmat attire.

When police arrived at the Democratic official’s home later on Wednesday afternoon, they knocked on his door, but he didn’t answer. Then, by early evening time, emergency vehicles arrived, to which Telles was carried out of his home on a stretcher.

Since this arrest made the news, the public has very widely speculated that Telles murdered German in revenge for the latter publicizing his bad behavior and costing him his reelection chances.

Though with a murder charge, Telles now has much bigger problems to be concerned about.

Scary Times in America
As Telles’ story makes national news, some Americans are worried this is indicative of a larger agenda by Democrats to shut down their opposition.

Other folks have raised alarm bells about the overall safety of other investigative journalists who may lose their lives for accurately reporting on certain high-profile individuals.

In the wake of German’s passing, the Las Vegas Review Journal released a statement that mourns his death. In addition to declaring that killing a reporter will never kill their stories, the publication stated German was respected and loved, both for his work and as an individual.

Nevada police were also called upon by the Las Vegas Review Journal to fully get to the bottom of German’s murder and find out what motivated it.