A Huge ‘Departure Of Aides’ At The White House Is Underway

According to Politico, a vast departure of White House employees is underway, and it isn’t wholly due to stress. Working at the White House is, without question, a high-stress job. However, after a few years, it’s the type of job that invites burnout. Some assistants take the job only to build their portfolios, while others utilize it as a springboard to positions in Congress or other agencies.

Some colleagues believe it’s due to an insular, top-heavy White House dominated by long-standing Biden aides who are cut off from the rest of the team. More minor privileges of working in the White House, such as attending Christmas parties and ceremonies, have also been scarce. Most White House workers may only participate in the Fourth of July party if they serve as unpaid volunteers handling the event. A lottery mechanism was used to distribute tickets for the Thanksgiving turkey pardoning and the Christmas tree lighting.

Moreover, non-White House personnel were treated like tourists on holiday tours, which irritated some staffers. This week, the White House utilized a lottery to distribute time slots for Christmas tours. As “D.C. Randos” uploaded images of themselves visiting the White House on social media, some workers were enraged. One White House official described the situation as “beyond disheartening” and “insulting.”

Therefore Joe Biden’s chief of staff is considering resigning after less than a year on the job, raising red flags among White House workers. Some presidents were challenging to work for, such as Nixon and Truman, who were both regarded as jerks by their staff. Biden may be a sensible man, but his senior advisers do not appear to be.