A Federal Judge Ruled Against Biden’s Vaccination Mandate, Handing Him ‘Another Loss’

A federal judge ruled against Biden’s vaccination and mask demands for Texas Head Start programs on Friday evening, handing him yet another defeat. Biden attempted to mandate adult immunization and near-universal masking for adults and children over two.

Moreover, according to the court, the mandates are arbitrary and capricious since HHS did not follow the APA in enacting them. The judgment was applauded by both Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Attorney General Ken Paxton of Texas says he hopes the Biden Administration would “stop jabbing at parents and kids” and leave this alone. According to Paxton, he thought parents would be delighted they got to make the option. In America, this is a win for liberty. Joe Biden, according to Paxton, did not have the legal or constitutional power to do what he did.

Biden has one victory: the Sixth Circuit removed the hold on the OSHA regulation requiring firms with more than 100 workers to impose a vaccination mandate or testing requirement. However, he may soon get an even more important message. Another prominent case that the Supreme Court will hear is the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ mandate that all healthcare employees in institutions receiving Medicare or Medicaid payments must receive the vaccination. One has to believe it will not work well for Biden.

Therefore with his mandate push, Joe Biden has harmed individuals and cost them their jobs. He’s also putting people’s lives in peril by refusing to give states monoclonal antibody therapy when they need them. There isn’t much sense in that. He’s at a loss for what to do if he can’t force others to do what he wants.