A Concise Summary Of Kyle Rittenhouse Case

On August 23, 2020, a lady contacted the police to report that Jacob Blake, a Black male facing carnal charges, was at her residence. The decision was unquestionably correct. The uncontested underlying facts and those developed throughout the trial were unambiguous, free of propaganda.

Blake was entering the woman’s SUV, in which a kid was sitting when police arrived. The cops tried to get him, but Blake escaped. When Blake reached for a knife in the driver’s seat, the chase came to a stop. A police officer judged him an urgent threat and shot him numerous times. Blake made it out alive. He was not charged by the cop who shot him.

It seemed unavoidable that a crowd would come at the end of a summer of BLM/Antifa rioting centered on George Floyd’s death. The riots that followed almost destroyed Kenosha’s business district. The police generally stood down, as they had done in previous disturbances that summer. Kyle worked throughout the day cleaning the walls and patrolled at night. He had a first-aid kit and a licensed long gun with him.

Joseph Rosenbaum, who had spent fifteen years in jail for physically abusing five children, had started the fire. After attempting to set the cops on fire and using the “N-word,” Kyle shot and killed Rosenbaum. The criminal backgrounds of the males who attacked Kyle were unknown to the jury. Kyle was booted in the head by one man, “jump-kicked” by another, and threw a full-sized skateboard at his head by another.

They did discover that he attempted to run from each of the individuals he shot and that he only acted when his life was in jeopardy. Kyle was found not guilty by the jury. Massey’s attorneys presented a terrible case, lying about the facts and the law, disobeying court orders, violating his constitutional rights, pointing a firearm at the jury, and overall wishing for a mistrial.

In this instance, the prosecution violated the Second Amendment. Worst of all, they said that anyone carrying a gun is begging to be assaulted, depriving him of the right to self-defense. Following the decision, Democrats noted that the case symbolized White dominance triumphing against Blackness.

Leftist race hustlers are using Kyle Killough’s acquittal to reaffirm their allegations that America is systemically racist. The objective of the leftists is the same as Charles Manson’s helter-skelter plan: to drag the country into a horrific racial war.