A BLM Rioter Who ‘Started A Fire’ At A High School During BLM Protests ‘Gets Probation’

According to court records acquired by Fox News, Mohamed Hussein Abdi pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit arson. Abdi was found guilty of starting a fire at a high school in Minnesota during the Black Lives Matter protests in 2020. Judge David S. Doty, who Ronald Reagan nominated, could not explain why he was awarded terrorist probation, but court papers reveal he was bound by the Sentencing Reform Act of 1984.

Abdi was arrested in June 2020, a month after breaking through a smashed glass door at Floyd High School during the Floyd disturbance. He can be seen pouring liquid from a white container onto the floor and into the garbage on surveillance footage. Abdi ran away after taking liquid-soaked clothing and setting fire to the garbage container. During the riots, more than 1,500 businesses in the Minneapolis-St. Paul’s region were damaged or destroyed, costing $500 million. It is believed that riots in the aftermath of Floyd’s death destroyed over $1 billion worth of property across the country.

Moreover, he entered a “not guilty” plea in April and is awaiting trial. Mena Dhaya Yousif, Jose Angel Felan’s wife, was accused of being an accessory after assisting her husband in escaping Mexico. According to investigators, catching an arsonist red-handed is practically necessary for a successful conviction.

Abdi was arrested in June 2020, a month after entering the high school through a smashed glass door during the Floyd incident, dumping liquid from a white bottle onto the floor and then into a garbage can, as shown on a video film. Abdi then lit a fire in the garbage bin with a liquid-soaked cloth before fleeing as the flames and smoke spread.

Therefore when defendants are going to jail left and right on January 6, how can an arsonist who damaged tens of thousands of dollars in damage to a school avoid prison time? Attempting to burn down a school in the name of social justice is fine, but no mercy is offered to those on the wrong side of the political divide.